The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Essex County are a group of volunteers who provide horticultural information and programs to the community.  Trained by faculty and staff of NJAES, Rutgers University, and by horticultural experts, the Master Gardeners are knowledgeable about a wide range of gardening subjects.

Suzi Butler pruning (2)Become A Master Gardener! Are you ready to learn more about soil, plant identification, insect management, organic growing and more? Are you ready to join a volunteer program that assists the residents of Essex County grow better food and gardens? Then you are ready to apply to become a Rutgers Master Gardener. Classes start September 14, 2016. Click here for the application and more information.


Gardening Notes For September from Rutgers Gardens:  September marks the start of getting the garden – and the gardener – ready for a long winters rest. To this end, consider how best to overwinter and to make room for your favorite non-hardy plants indoors, as well as considerations for your outdoor hardy plants. However, we still have several months remaining for plants to grow, so keep your focus on watering – August has been rather dry. For trees and shrubs, any plant that has been installed over the past few years will be stressed by the current dry conditions. In addition to watering, take good notes and pictures on your use of perennials and annuals since after the first frost these pictures will be all that remains of this year’s favorite combinations!