The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Essex County are a group of volunteers who provide horticultural information and programs to the community.  Trained by faculty and staff of NJAES, Rutgers University, and by horticultural experts, the Master Gardeners are knowledgeable about a wide range of gardening subjects. 


March can be such a finicky month! Several years ago there was a long warm spell, only to be followed by two nights with extremely cold temperatures which killed many plants, including many Hydrangeas, to the ground! Last year it was snow storm after snow storm. This year March has begun cold and snowy, but moderating temperatures appear to be on the way. Keep referring to notes of last year as to when you sowed seed and performed other chores as you need not reinvent the wheel. Also, keep making notes for this year so that you can see if any of the changes actually yield better results!