The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Essex County are a group of volunteers who provide horticultural information and programs to the community.  Trained by faculty and staff of NJAES, Rutgers University, and by horticultural experts, the Master Gardeners are knowledgeable about a wide range of gardening subjects. 

RUTGERS GARDENS GARDENING NOTES FOR JANUARY:  January always begins with the jolly festivities of the Holiday Season, but reality soon returns and we gardeners are looking at short and often cloudy days, cold temperatures and a sleeping garden. On the positive side of the coin, we now have the leisure of working in the Garden when the time or the weather suits our schedule, since it is a time when the garden stands still. The weather has been very conducive this year for working outside and the soil has yet to actually freeze. Continue your journals of taking notes on the temperatures, snowfall or rain amounts along with the sightings of visiting birds, all while enjoying your favorite winter beverage by a warm lamp.