The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Essex County are a group of volunteers who provide horticultural information and programs to the community.  Trained by faculty and staff of NJAES, Rutgers University, and by horticultural experts, the Master Gardeners are knowledgeable about a wide range of gardening subjects. 



RUTGERS GARDENS GARDENING NOTES FOR JUNE:  Summer has arrived! The days are wonderfully long, rain is certainly more than ample, and the temperatures promise to become more summer-like as the month progresses. June is filled with chores that linger from spring, as well as preparations necessary for the garden to continue to thrive well into late fall. Enjoy the coolness of the early morning and evenings for those tasks requiring the most exertion, with the heat of the day reserved for watering and other light duties. Also, don’t forget your hat and sunscreen and finally, remember to sit down with your favorite cold beverage to write in your journal and to enjoy the fruits of your efforts!