Essex County Environmental Center Program Calendar
Rutgers Gardens Program Calendar

MAR 2-10 Philadelphia Flower Show: Flower Power
MAR 2 Annual Community Garden Conference, The Frelinghuysen Arboretum
MAR 2 Native Plant Society of NJ Annual Meeting 
MAR 6 MGEC Bus Trip to Philadelphia Flower Show
MAR 7 @3:30pm Executive Committee Meeting
MAR 9 @9:30am MGEC General Meeting: Spring Ephemerals – Claire Minick
MAR 16 Mercer County Master Gardeners Return to Our Roots
MAR 18 @1pm Horticulture for Seniors: Raising Rhozimes, Plant Roots & Shoots that Travel Underground
MAR 23 Rutgers Home Gardeners School, Rutgers New Brunswick (no CEUs)
MAR 31 Plight of the Pollinators, Native Plants to the Rescue, Essex Chapter Native Plant Society

APR 11 @3:30pm Executive Committee Meeting
APR 13 @9:30am MGEC General Meeting: Gardens with Wings – Sharon Carey
APR 15 @1pm Horticulture for Seniors: Arranging Spring Flowers
APR 25 -28 NJ Garden and Flower Show

MAY  3, 4 Master Gardener of Essex Plant Sale at Presby Memorial Iris Gardens
MAY 11 Master Gardener of Essex Plant Sale at Garibaldi Hall
MAY 20 @1pm Horticulture for Seniors: Starting Spring Greens

JUN 8 MGEC General Meeting: Know and Grow Chrysanthemums, NJSCS
JUL 13 MGEC General Meeting: Right Tree, Right Place, NJ Tree Foundation

OCT 12 MGEC General Meeting: Blues in the Garden, Dorothy Smullen

NOV 9 MGEC General Meeting: TBA, Barbara Melera