Education Outreach


Operating under the aegis of the Master Gardeners of Essex County and the Cooperative Extension of Rutgers University, the Education Committee provides educational outreach throughout Essex County. Its mission is to disseminate research-based horticultural information to both children and adults in the hope of developing groups of individuals skilled in techniques that help to preserve our natural resources through good gardening practices.

By designing and implementing both programs and individualized activities, the Education Committee aims to:

  • Promote an understanding of the integral relationship between the individual and his/her environment as we work to protect that environment, with Master Gardeners and students planting and preserving our natural resources.
  • Introduce the individual to horticulture as both art and science.
  • Share information with the public that leads to an understanding of currently approved horticultural theories and practices.
  • Develop and implement programs that acquaint the individual with the skills inherent in good horticultural practices.
  • Support educational programs designed to meet state and/or national standards.
  • Awaken the individual to the lifelong pleasures and rewards of horticulture.

The Education Committee designs gardening projects and creates presentations for both children and adults. We reach out to schools, groups, organizations and institutions interested in horticultural information, demonstrations, training in current gardening techniques and skill development through hands-on activities. We share current research and individualize programs that focus on the support or expansion of existing programs; we aid in the evaluation and implementation of new programs. For schools, we create programs and design activities that link gardening to the State of New Jersey core curriculum standards.  From seed to salad, The Master Gardeners of Essex County are ready to dig in!

For further information and to contact Fran Kroeckel, Committee Chair, call the Master Gardeners Helpline at (973) 228-2210.