The Master Gardener Greenhouse

Located next to Garibaldi Hall in Roseland, the Master Gardener greenhouse offers an inviting working environment where experienced Master Gardeners and MG program participants work together to hone their skills. The vegetables, herbs and ornamental annuals grown in the Greenhouse are sold at our yearly plant sale, traditionally held in May. The proceeds from the sale help support ongoing Master Gardener programs.

The plants grown and sold include a variety of tomatoes such as Chocolate Cherries, Rutgers 250s, and Speckled Romans as well as a selection of basil varieties and other herbs. Also available are the popular annuals pelargonium and coleus in a variety of colors.

The Greenhouse offers opportunities for members to prepare the planting medium, plant the seeds, and fertilize, water, and ready the plants for transport to plant sale sites. This is an exciting opportunity for volunteers interested in learning how to grow plants from seed and also provides insight into the marketing, pricing, and identification of plants that helps customers purchase our delicious tomatoes and colorful plants.