On Line Helpline

PLEASE NOTE : Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the County of Essex has closed all County buildings, including Garibaldi Hall in Roseland, where the Helpline is physically located.  Therefore, it is not possible to visit the Helpline in person at this time.   However, our dedicated Helpline volunteer staff remains ready and willing to answer your gardening questions via phone or email.  Each weekday, from 10 am until 2 pm (until 12 pm on Fridays),  Helpline staff members will be checking phone messages and emails to the Helpline.  The staff will use resources available to them, including Rutgers Fact Sheets, industry publications, and their personal libraries, to provide assistance.

Therefore, you may call the Helpline at 973-228-2210 at any time and leave a message on the voice mail.   Or, you may email the Helpline at mastergardenerec@gmail.com If you email, please include your phone number so that a Master Gardener Helpline volunteer can call you. Rutgers policy does not permit the staff to provide advice via email. 

The Helpline of the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Essex County is committed to providing horticultural advice to the residents of Essex and Hudson Counties. We advise residents on a wide variety of horticultural concerns, including lawn care, pest control, composting, pruning, and flower and vegetable gardening.

Our goal is to provide the caller with accurate information that is supported by the resources and research of Rutgers University. Our callers are never turned away without the advice they seek, or without a referral to a person or place where they can find a solution to their questions.