Tomato – Mexico Midget


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heirloom, very tall sprawling plants, extra small cherry size red fruit, very sweet and rich tomato taste, very abundant, produces heavy right up to frost, indeterminate, 70 days to maturity.  


Our very favorite tomato variety is Mexico Midgets. They are smaller than the standard cherry but they are so very sweet and the plants grow like a weed.  If you aren’t successful with growing these you may want to reconsider even growing tomatoes. When you go out to pick them you end up eating more than you save to bring inside. If you like to use tomatoes in your salad these are the perfect size and unlike larger cherry varieties, you don’t have to worry about them sliding off your plate as you try to cut them. If you have squirrels that like to get at your tomatoes, you won’t have to worry with these plants- the squirrels could not possibly keep up with the volume produced. Once again- our very favorite.

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Determinate, Indeterminate